Fan's Flirtatious Comment Makes Prince Charles Blush, But Camilla's True Colors Were Revealed After She Heard Everything

June 15, 2018

Earlier this week, Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, encountered a rather flirtatious fan. The royal enthusiast was able to get up close to the couple and share what they really thought.

During the two-day tour, the couple joined others at a civic reception at Cork City Hall to observe the 72 victims of Grenfell Tower fire who had lost their lives. Everyone remembered the victims when they showed their respects during a 72 second moment of silence.

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall were in Cork enjoying a two-day tour of the Republic of Ireland. When they were touring the market and meeting with local traders, a woman approached Charles and laid it all out.

Margot Ann Murphy approached Charles with a comment that might make the wife jealous.

"You are so good-looking," Murphy said to Charles.

His mouth dropped and he began to smile. Murphy said that he "was thrilled."

"It just came out, I didn't mean to say that to him, but I said to him, 'You are such a good-looking man.' I couldn't believe how good looking he was," Murphy told the reporters.

But what did Camilla do? What would she think about all this?

"Camilla had a smile from ear to ear, sure she got him, she was the cat that got the cream," Murphy described. "She was thrilled."

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What do you think about this encounter? One to remember for Ms. Murphy, that's for sure! In other news, Prince William found out his father's secret he kept from Princess Diana. Both sons were left in tears. 

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