78-Year-Old Farmer Plows Massive Message To Trump In Snow-Covered Field; Photo Goes Viral, But This is NOT His First Masterpiece…

January 09, 2019

This is not the first time a North Dakota farmer has taken to his fields to profess his opinion - in a BIG way.

After watching President Trump give his immigration speech from the Oval Office on Tuesday night, Gene Hanson of Edgely, North Dakota, was inspired to respond. But, instead of going on social media to make his statement, he took a more unconventional route.

There, before God and everybody, stood an unmistakable message to our President: 

Now, you might be thinking Hanson's display was a once-in-a-lifetime effort. If you are, you would be wrong. He's been doing this for quite some time.

“Some of his previous messages include ‘Drain the Swamp,’ ‘Blue Lives Matter,’ ‘Feel the Bern,’  and ‘Vote Trump.’

An avid supporter of our President, Hanson doesn't reserve his comments for just the left. He also has expressed his frustration with the Republican Party.


Not everyone has been amused by his method of publicizing the issues that matter to him, but it doesn’t matter in the slightest to the North Dakota farmer; he takes to the bean fields whenever the spirit moves him.

This from Fox5 in November 2017:  “Since there's been a lack of snow sticking to the ground, Gene Hanson, the man who plows symbols and phrases into his field in Edgely, [North Dakota] has put his artistic skills to work again.

"This time, Hanson wrote out 'TRUMP MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.'

"He used his tractor and disk to write out the phrase."

In October of 2017, at the height of the NFL controversy over players refusing to stand for the National Anthem, Hanson made sure to make his sentiments known.

“The [then] 77-year-old Midwesterner plowed that phrase into his bean crops - a massive message spanning the length of two football fields - in response to the controversial protest undertaken by some NFL players who've begun kneeling during the playing of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner.’”

For his willingness to make such an important statement in such a strong way, Mr. Trump, himself, reached out to him, praising his courage and patriotism.

"Thank you, Gene Hanson, — a GREAT American (and farmer) who is standing up for our flag, our anthem, and our country!"

No sooner had the story hit social media, that at least one clown made a meme about it.

Lol! I’m sure that won’t be the end of the creativity to come from the many talented Twitter followers out there. No one should be offended by the fun being poked at Mr. Hanson’s masterpiece, though; it only serves to keep the issue in the public domain.

All kidding aside, this massive effort by North Dakota farmer gives new weight to the passion that many Americans have about this issue. It also flies in the faces of the Democrats’ claim that 'nobody wants the wall.'

Hanson said he “believes Trump is trying to do well but faces a 'continuous battle'in Washington, D.C., and Hanson said he's doing all he can to send his support from his Edgeley [North Dakota] farm."

The ingenious farmer doesn't limit his creativity to only politics.

“He said his Prince symbol, plowed after the singer passed away, was one of his most popular for fans all over the world, but he caught a lot of flak for his ‘Never Hillary’ message.”

So, just how does the inventive North Dakotan do it? What kind of modern technology does he employ to get the job done?

In speaking with Fox News in 2017, Hanson, who has a track record of designing and digging massive messages – many political – revealed that he does it all “using his old Massey tractor" on his 850-acre farm.

“And Hanson doesn’t use GPS or any technology for the work, which he says ‘works out pretty good in a harvested bean field.’”

And when he’s finished with a design, he simply takes to the air to photograph it. The final step is posting it to social media, usually Facebook. He lets his followers take it from there.

“He flies his two-seater plane, and if his design passes the test, he snaps a pic with a Canon camera and posts it on Facebook. He said he's only been unsuccessful twice.”

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what Mr. Hanson has for us in the coming months. Please join us in applauding his efforts and wishing him the very best in his quest to stand up for what he believes.

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