Divers Swim Through 90 Feet Of Raw Sewage Pull Out Black, Hairy Remains [VIDEO]

October 18, 2018


This story may be worthy of a water-cooler topic... Or maybe not.


A group of divers in South Carolina took a plunge the other day to the dirtiest of depths. The crew dove into 90 feet of raw sewage to unclog pipes that were blocked by, what experts call, a "fatberg."


Sounds scientific, right? Plumber expert Jeremy Matt explains.

"A fatberg is the accumulation of grease and any foreign objects besides just sewage that collects inside a city main line," Matt said, adding that the fatberg is about 100 feet long, 11 feet wide, and about 6 feet tall.


The Charleston Water System tweeted that what they discovered were "flushable wipes" over several years had accumulated with grease and other foreign materials, such as tampons, hair, string, and makeup pads. Even a baseball and a large piece of metal were discovered inside the adult-size, coagulated lump, according to the "New York Post."


“As we expected, they came up with these large masses of wipes in their first two loads, with more to come,” Charleston Water tweeted. “They also found a baseball and a big piece of metal. Don’t flush stuff like this. Joking of course, but you should only flush #1, #2 and toilet paper.”


The final dive was conducted on Tuesday. After the "nice long swim," the divers were rinsed off with bleach, the agency reported on Twitter.


“Glad to report that we’ve returned to normal operation today,” the tweet continued.




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