Father Gives Son a Heartbreaking Gift After the Death of His Mom

January 03, 2018

There have been so many wonderful Christmas videos that have gone viral this last season. This one, in particular, has touched so many hearts. This heartbreaking gift exchange between a father and son will be sure to bring you tears.

Orlando, Florida father, Antonio Vargas, and his son lost the most important woman in their lives last July. Antonio decided to make his son's first Christmas without his mom as special as possible.


Antonio went to his local "Build-a-Bear Workshop," and purchased a monkey. The reason why he chose this animal is because the mom used to call their son, "our little monkey."

Before Antonio left the store, he decided to place a voice recording of the mother inside the monkey. The viral video begins with Antonio at "Build-a-Bear," and then transitions to the young boy as he opens his present.


Once he sees the monkey, you can see he was hoping for something a little more exciting. But when his dad asks him to press the button, the young boy instantly knows who the voice is from, and he loses it.


Be sure to have a tissue nearby before watching the video below.




The recordings say: “I love you to the world and back." In another recording, she says: “Give me a big hug. I love you,” and in another: “I love you guys so much, and I will always love you.”


Did this video bring you to tears as it did for me? This is a special gift this young boy can have forever. He will always be able to hear his mother's voice. Share if you enjoyed this video! In other news, a woman's son went missing for hours on end. What he was up to will warm your heart! Check out the amazing story here

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