Father With Life-Threatening Brain Defect Needs Your Help

November 30, 2017

A Portland, Oregon family has had it rough the past few months. The Van Noy family recently found out that their father has arteriovenous malformation (AVM), a rare condition of arteries and veins rupturing causing bleeding in the brain or spinal cord.

On October 12, Kent, father to four beautiful daughters and grandfather to three grandkids, was admitted to the hospital for an eight-hour brain surgery to remove the AVM from the left side of his brain. Kent remained intubated and sedated overnight with another surgery to remove the blood clots the following morning.

For the next few days, Kent did not wake up, but the family and the neurosurgeon were optimistic. The scans came back clean, and the doctors were able to remove his breathing tube.

Then October 15 came. Kent had bleeding in his brain again. His neurosurgeon believed there was too much swelling and pressure resting on his brain and brainstem. Kent, still in a coma, underwent another surgery to remove the blood clots and swelling.

The following day had to be the hardest of them all. The doctors discovered more internal bleeding in his brain. Sadly, the doctors couldn’t explain the bleeding, leaving the family petrified.

A long road awaits the Van Noy family. It's expected that Kent will be in the ICU for another two weeks at this point, then transferred to a trauma recovery and acute care unit (TRACU). The family is struggling with the "why." Everything seemed to be going fine considering it all, but why did it turn for the worst?

The four daughters, Sam, Megan, Paige, and Sydney, and their mother, Patti, are at a loss for words. They continue to update their Facebook feed asking for kind words, encouragement, but most of all, prayers. Even though Kent is still in a coma, the family continues to keep their faith in God.

After the fifteenth day, the Van Noy family was hit with some devastating news. The doctors performed another surgery, third in total, and found there was potential damage to his brainstem. The clinical tests were showing poor results, and Kent was not responding as they anticipated. At this time, Kent is expected to be in the ICU for weeks to possibly months and, sadly, the doctors do not expect him to wake from his coma anytime soon.

There is hope! By day twenty-two, Kent was removed from ICU and transferred to TRACU. With small improvements each day, the family remains hopeful and faithful. The abundance of love and support the Van Noy family has received from family and friends has been their life-support.

The Lord provides and is always faithful. On November 8, Kent wakes up from his non-medically induced coma.

"Dad started to move his left leg and left arm. Moves turned into bends. Bends turned into scratches and hand squeezes," Megan wrote on Facebook.

Kent's grandson, Carter, age 4, was extremely excited to see his "papa" after hearing the good news. Carter turns to his mom, Sam, and says, "I guess you were right momma, God was taking care of papa."

The road to recovery for Kent won't be easy or short. Kent is relearning how to swallow, balance, and walk. He also is struggling with memory and the ability to communicate. 

"He's still pretty incoherent but he does things like squeeze my hand and says, 'it's going to be okay,'" Megan told Inspiring Day in a statement. 

November 30 marks 51 days at the hospital. After his hospital stay, he will be transferred to a skilled nursing facility — unfortunately, that day is still unknown. Once Kent is ready for therapy, he will be transferred to a rehabilitation facility where he will continue with speech therapy and physical therapy. The family doesn't expect Kent to return home for months or longer.

With Kent's family and friends by his side and God's grace, anything is possible. He just needs your prayers.

If you feel moved by this family's story, you can assist financially by going to their YouCaring.com account where their medical bills have quickly added up. You can find the link here.

Please keep the Van Noy family in your prayers. May God bless you and your family.

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