Amber Alert Update: Father Kidnaps 6-Month-Old From Mother at Gunpoint

February 28, 2018

A 34-year-old Oklahoma man, Joseph Meyer, allegedly kidnapped his 6-month-old son, Christopher Meyer, from his home last week. While Meyer was trying to take off with his son, the mother, Rebecca Alford, did everything she could to not let that happen.

Meyer allegedly took off with the infant after threatening the mother at gunpoint. Reports say the Meyer put a gun in Alford’s mouth and threatened her life and their child's life.


After Meyer drove off with Christopher in the car, Alford took off to her neighbor's trailer door. She began banging on the door, begging for someone to answer.

"Hysterical, saying her husband had threatened her and she needed to get in real quick. So I let her in the trailer," said her neighbor, Doug Keys.


Thankfully, Meyer dropped the child off at a safe location. Apparently, Meyer dropped Christopher off at an acquaintance’s house, claiming he had to do laundry and left the child in their care.

"We are working with the person now and she is being very cooperative. She was just doing him a favor watching the child and saw the little stuff on the bottom of the TV and so she decided to bring him in," Muskogee County Sheriff Rob Frazier said.

Both the mother and the sheriff agree, all that matters right now is that the baby is safe. The mother and her child were reunited on Tuesday. Evidently, Meyer was on the loose for five days until he was found. He is currently behind bars.


In other news, another Amber Alert has been updated. For further details of the 8-year-old girl, click here.

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