Feel Lucky This ‘Cat Burglar’ Isn’t in Your Neighborhood

March 27, 2018

We’ve all heard of the term “cat burglar.” In its most general sense it is a thief who climbs to a second story to enter a home. However, today, we are literally talking about an actual cat burglar. Meet “Klepto the Cat.”


This cat has an obsession with stealing lonely items in the dead of night that the neighbors leave out. He’ll steal anything that “isn’t locked up,” states his owners, Jean Chu and Jeff Coleman.

In the past three years, it is estimated that he’s stolen over 600 items! But what’s his favorite item? Turns out it’s bathing suits.

In the video below neighbor, Kelly McLelland says the following after realizing her bikini bottom went MIA, “And about 10-minutes later he came back and stole the top.”

One news reporter from ABC even set up a night-vision camera to catch the cat in action. Here you can see he is carrying something in his mouth back to his home. Probably another bathing suit. Lol

Check out the full video below:

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