Fetus Found Dead On Board American Airlines Plane During Flight, According To Officials

August 07, 2018

A fetus was found dead in a bathroom of an out-of-service American Airlines plane on Tuesday, August 7. New York officials are investigating the issue.


The fetus was found on a jet that just landed at New York's LaGuardia Airport from Charlotte.

"The OCME can confirm we're investigating what we believe to be a human fetus found deceased on an airplane," the city's Office of Chief Medical Examiner said, according to CNBC. "We will release determination when investigation is complete."

The fetus was found on American Airlines Flight 1942, an Airbus A321. It landed at 10:42 p.m. Monday night. The following morning, the fetus was discovered by a cleaning crew in one of the airplane's lavatories.


“As we continue to learn more about this tragic and sensitive situation, we are actively cooperating with law enforcement in their investigation,” an American Airlines spokesman said in a statement to PEOPLE.

The aircraft was scheduled to fly out Tuesday but due to the pending investigation, the plane will remain out of service. Other American Airlines passengers are expected to be delayed.


The airline did not disclose any information about a possible passenger booking an "infant-in-arms" ticket, or if the birth took place on the plane. There are no other additional details at this time.

We are asking our readers to pray for this investigation and for everyone involved.