Woman Found $150K in Wallet But Was ‘Completely Fooled’ After Her Terrible Experience

January 11, 2018

A woman, who asked to remain anonymous, was walking through a parking lot when another woman called out to her.


"She asked me if I had dropped anything," she explained as the other woman held up a wallet full of cash.

"It was brown and it almost looked like the size of a brick," she said.


When she approached the woman, she called over to another pedestrian asking if it was hers. It wasn't either of theirs so all three women decided to split it three ways.


"Well, finders keepers then, huh?" she said.


The woman who actually found the wallet explained that she was a realtor and worked at First Weber Realty. To ensure accurate disbursement, she said that her company had a money counting machine. She was able to convince her boss to draft up paperwork legally binding these women to the wad of cash.

When the woman returned, she told the other ladies the staggering news: there was $150,000 in the wallet.


Here is where the story takes a turn, and where most of us will roll our eyes. The realtor told the other two that they needed to render some money to prove that they were "financially responsible." The woman obliged and went to a local credit union to withdraw some cash. $2,000 to be exact.

When the woman walked behind Weber Realty, she knew something was wrong. Something inside her told her this situation was going to end up badly.


She walked inside Weber Realty and began asking questions. No one knew what she was talking about. When she exited the building, the two other women were gone along with her money.


"The whole thing is horrendous," she said.

Once the police were notified, they began an investigation. A spokesperson from the police department told FOX6 that they have never experienced this type of scam before. FOX6 spoke with Weber Realty and no one there knew about the incident nor the woman who claimed to have worked there.


The woman explained that she is now broke, but she is thankful to be alive and not hurt. What do you think about this scam? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page.


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