Helpful Firefighters Won’t Let Christmas Lights Accident Ruin This Family’s Christmas Tradition

November 28, 2017

A Colorado man’s accident didn’t turn out as bad as it could have been after the local fire department not only gave him first-aid, but finished his Christmas decorating project too.

The Elvenholl family tradition of putting up Christmas lights on the house the day after Thanksgiving had an unfortunate and painful interruption this weekend. Glenn Elvenholl was on the roof while their eight-year-old son was helping on the ground below.

After deciding that one section of the roof was too dangerous to work on, Glenn attempted to climb off the roof on the ladder. The moment he stepped onto the ladder, it slid out from underneath him, and he fell to the ground, badly injuring his leg.

His wife, Sandra, called 911 and the West Metro Fire Rescue soon arrived on scene. Glenn had shattered his tibia and dislocated his ankle, and Sandra was understandably in a panic.

“Trying to think of so many different things at once, you know, I got to get to the hospital. What do I need to bring? Where are my kids going to go?” she said.

Once the ambulance crew took Glenn to the hospital, the fire crew stayed behind.

“You just turn around, and there’s a house half-decorated with lights that are just hanging off to the side with a ladder still up,” said firefighter John Metzler. “It would have almost been a sin not to do it.”

“One of my neighbors came over to me and said, ‘Oh my gosh, they’re hanging the rest of your lights up!’” said Sandra. “It was such a sweet thing to see at the moment.”

Glenn had successful surgery on his leg and should recover fully in a few months time. He couldn’t believe what the firefighters did to help out.

“He was so grateful and so thankful and happy that the kids are going to have the lights up on the house this year,” said Sandra. “The hanging of the Christmas lights will for sure always have a new meaning for our family.”

Metzler says that they’ve already received other factitious requests since the word got out of their kind efforts. “I’ve already gotten some text messages from some fellow firefighters like you know, ‘My ankle hurts, you could come. My lights are in my garage,’” Metzler said.

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