Five Years After Her Death, Woman Got the Last Laugh by Pulling a Prank on Her Husband

January 18, 2018

Five years ago, Phedre Fitton lost her battle against ovarian cancer. Before she died though, she made her husband promise one thing—she wanted him to water the plants in their bathroom.

Her husband, Nigel, was intent on keeping his final promise to her. He watered the plants every single day.

He was proud of himself, as the plants never started to die or brown. He was keeping them alive and healthy, just as he promised his wife he would.

Five years after his wife’s death, Nigel was moving to a retirement community. His daughter, Antonia, came to help him move everything.

That’s when the two realized exactly why the plants were still so green: they were fake.

Before her death, Phedre had replaced the live plants with fake ones. She knew that her husband didn’t know she had switched them, so one of her last requests was a prank.

Of course, she probably thought her husband would notice a little sooner. Apparently, for the past five years, the water from the plants had just leaked on the floor of the bathroom. According to his daughter, “My poor dad probably thought the toilet had a permanent leak as there was always water on the floor.”

“She was very funny,” Antonia shared. “Had a cheeky sense of humour for sure. It’s really made us all happy as a family to remember her like this.”

Nigel and Phedre had been together since they were 16 years old. “They were best friends,” their daughter said. “They worked together, travelled together and were never apart.”

When Antonia Tweeted the story, it got an incredible response. Apparently, Nigel is touched by that. “My dad has just sent a message saying that it’s brought a tear to his eye and he hopes it’s made people happy. It’s got our family and friends all chatting about my mum again which is really lovely and it feels like she’s right here with us, laughing along.”

What an incredible way to remember his wife! That’s one way to bring laughter to your family!

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