Here’s What It's Like to Be on HGTV’s ‘Fixer Upper’

March 13, 2018

Are you a fan of HGTV’s home renovation show “Fixer Upper?” We all know how the show looks on TV, but I’m sure you have plenty of questions as to how the whole process works behind the scenes.


A former client from season 3, Rachel Whyte, recently shared what it’s really like to have your home renovated by Chip and Joanna Gaines.





The biggest aspect of the show that is hardest to get used to is the constant presence of cameras. “It was uncomfortable at times because we, like most people, aren’t used to having cameras around us,” Rachel said. “But what happens really is real.”


“The producers might have you repeat things a few times, and they might film things multiple times from different angles, but the reactions and conversations are real,” she continued. “The hard thing is remembering what you said before when asked to repeat it.”



To help Chip and Joanna get an idea of the look that they want for their home, Joanna asks that they make a Pinterest board so she can get a sense of the style they are looking for. “I put a white house with grey shutters on my Pinterest board and they really went with that concept,” said Rachel.


So how do you get your home on the show? First of all, you need to have a house in the Waco, Texas area. Next, you need to fill out a 68-question-long application that asks questions like what is the square footage of the house and what year it was built. They also ask for pictures of the house for each room that needs to be renovated.



For Rachel and her husband’s house, they liked the layout of their house but the majority of the exterior needed some work. “It was a leap of faith trusting that they could do something great,” she said.


On the reveal day, Rachel and her husband, Luke, were asked to meet Chip and Joanna at a location near the house, then rode the rest of the way in Chip and Joanna’s Suburban.


They are instructed to close their eyes once they are by the house but Rachel couldn't resist sneaking a peek at her new home. “I snuck a peek to see if the house was white and I was able to see that it was, so I could rest easy and the rest would be smooth sailing,” she said.





Getting to see the house is another oddly difficult part of the process. “Having to focus on one room at a time is hard because you want to just see it all!” said Rachel. “They film you walking into each room, then they have you talk about your first reaction, and they might film you walking into the room again.”


Rachel said she had to try to rehearse acting surprised because it can be hard to process it all in an instant. “Wall color, trim on door, fireplace, doors, there’s just so much to see at once,” she said. “It is exciting but also stressful because you’re on TV.”


Here’s the question we all want to be answered: Do they get to keep all the furniture? “I think it’s so funny because you wouldn’t want to get rid of all your furniture,” said Rachel.



The furniture that Clint makes gets to stay, but furniture that was used to stage the home is taken away. However, the homeowners do have the option of buying any of the stage furniture.


“They give you an itemized list of how much everything costs at the end to see if you want to purchase things at a discounted price,” said Rachel. “I wasn’t really sad to see the staged decorations go. We did buy some of the decor, but I was excited to fill our home with our things and make it ours.”



Would you want Chip and Joanna to renovate your house? Let us know what kind of changes you would want to see in the comments below!


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