NFL Star Says "Someone Is Going to Commit Suicide"—Then 3 People Come Forward

January 30, 2018

Derek Carr, a quarterback for the Oakland Raiders, is not shy about his faith. He is one of the most open athletes when it comes to his religion, along with Tim Tebow.

In 2015, Carr explained in a video with "Play4Him" how he lost his way. He was in his teens when he began to do sinful things. He said during those times he was "selfish," but it wasn't until a girl wrote him a letter calling him a "hypocrite." Check out his testimony below.



Now that you know where Carr has come from — the lows and highs he's experienced — let's get to his lifesaving story. Carr and his brother were invited to speak at a church event one day, and after the pastor had finished, they offered an altar call.


During the altar call, Carr felt the voice of God speak to him.


"The Holy Spirit tells me someone in here is going to commit suicide unless you say something," Carr said.



He said the voice was "clear as day," but he kept questioning it. Should he share what he was just told? Should he stand up and say something? He wrestled with these questions until he felt another push. He needed to do something.


Thankfully, he was obedient to God's words and fully trusted Him.


He stood up, asked the pastor if he could interrupt the altar call to say a few words. The award-winning quarterback took the leap of faith and said the most encouraging words to over 300 people.

"For someone in here, it got so hard, to where you were going to end your life and kill yourself and commit suicide tonight. I'm just here to tell you that Jesus loves you, that I love you, and that he has a plan for your life."


Then a man, sitting amongst 300 people at the altar, points to himself. Carr asks, "Is it you?"


"He came up and was just balling his eyes out just standing there," Carr recalled as he embraced the man telling him that he loved him and that God loved him.

After he was done praying with the man, Carr turned around and witnessed his brother praying for another man who planned on committing suicide that night. Carr said that he never felt so exhausted in his life, even though he plays professional football.


As the event came to a close, Carr was walking to his car when another man approached him saying he was going to kill himself that night.


"I had never met these three people in my life, and I just told them how much I love them, how much God loved them, how much Jesus loved them," he said. "All it was was being obedient."


"No matter what He asks you, you say 'yes,'" a friend of his said.


What do you think about this story? I wonder where those three men are today. Have you experienced anything like this? Let us know in the comment section below. In other news, check out these hilarious Bible comics that will surely bring a smile to your face!

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