Major Us Automaker Announces Massive Truck Recall

April 06, 2018

Ford Motor Co. announced a safety recall Friday for around 350,000 trucks and SUVs in North America for an issue with the parking gear in automatic transmissions.


According to Ford, even though the driver selects the “park” gear, the vehicle can still roll. The issue deals with a clip that locks the gear shift cable to the transmission. A clip in the transmission can become dislodged over time and cause the transmission to be in a different gear than the one selected by the driver.



The recall applies to certain Ford F-150 trucks and Ford Expedition SUVs with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Ford F-650 and Ford F-750 trucks with a six-speed automatic transmission are also affected. All vehicles are from the 2018 model year.


One big issue with this problem is that the vehicle will allow the driver to take the keys out of the ignition and exit the vehicle thinking the vehicle is in park. If the parking brake wasn’t used, the vehicle could start to roll.



So far, Ford says that it knows of only one reported accident related to this issue.


When drivers take one of these vehicles to a Ford dealer, the dealer will inspect the cable locking clip to see if it is properly installed. If not, they will fix it for free.


The recall involves just under 350,000 vehicles in North America, including 292,909 in the United States.



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