Dog Suffered Horrifying Abuse—But the Abusers Got What They Deserved

January 26, 2018

Kelly Benzel really wanted to adopt a pit bull. She found one that she absolutely fell in love with. She contacted the owner to arrange a time to meet him.

As soon as she met him, she fell in love. He was a sweet white pit bull that had some behavioral issues, but she was more than willing to work with him. His name was Rocco. She decided to take him home then and there.

However, on the way home, she noticed an extremely strong smell coming from him. When she got him home, she checked to see what it might be. The harness that he was wearing from the previous owners had dug into his neck.

Rocco was left with a huge gash from the harness straps. It was six inches long and was over an inch deep in some places. Rocco’s intestines were nearly visible.

Kelly was absolutely repulsed. She didn’t want to remove the harness and let it be exposed to bacteria, so she immediately took him to a veterinarian. They carefully removed the harness and took care of the wound.

Apparently, Rocco’s former owners had put the harness on him when he was young and hadn’t removed it. The harness had dug into his skin over time and gotten infected.

Rocco’s previous owners shared that they had never been able to catch Rocco to take the harness off. Kelly didn’t believe that though—Rocco was a sweet dog who was more than willing to come up to her—even when they first met. The previous owners offered to pay the vet bills for Rocco as long as Kelly didn’t call the police.

Instead of allowing the previous owners to pay the vet bills, Kelly called the police. The previous owners told the police the same story—that they weren’t able to remove Rocco’s harness.

However, the officer who was investigating the case also didn’t believe them. When he first met Rocco, the dog immediately came up to him and licked his hand.

The judge on the case agreed with Kelly and the officer. He sentenced the previous owners to five days in jail, two years of probation, and 30 days of community service. The judge said that the dog’s injuries looked like he had been cut with a knife, but he suffered them in a more brutal, lingering way. He also used words like “torture” to describe the pain that Rocco went through. Check out Rocco’s full story in this video.

Luckily Rocco is living with a new, loving owner. After everything she’s been through, she deserves a good life!

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