Former Nurse Admits to Killing 100 Patients With Lethal Doses of Medication

October 31, 2018

An ex-nurse had admitted that he had murdered 100 patients when they were in his care. The shocking news has made him "one of the world's most prolific serial killers," according to "BBC."

Detectives say that Niels Högel is accused of intentionally administering 100 patients with lethal doses of medication between the years of 1999 and 2005 in Germany.

According to reports, prosecutors believe that the 41-year-old ex-nurse deliberately put his patients in life-threatening situations so he could resuscitate them — showing off his caregiving skills.

The judge asked Högel on Tuesday if the charges were true, he answered: "Yes. All I have admitted is true."

Högel is currently serving a life sentence after he was convicted of murder and attempted murder of six other patients in very similar circumstances. Högel has killed 36 patients in Oldenburg and 64 in Delmenhorst, according to "BBC."

The even more disturbing part is that Högel was allowed to continue working for two days after he was caught "red-handed" when he administered medication to a patient, during which time he had already killed another patient.

Investigators say that Högel could have killed even more people but those potential victims have already been cremated.

According to records at the Oldenburg hospital, rates of deather and resuscitations had more than doubled when Högel was working, "BBC" reports.

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