4 Skiers Found Dead and Several Critically Injured During Unexpected Snowstorm

April 30, 2018

On Monday, April 30, four skiers have been found dead and five others were found in critical condition.

The group of skiers were forced to spend the night on the Swiss Alps when an unexpected storm came barreling their way, according to the "Associated Press."

Police in Valais canton said that the 14 skiers were in Pigne d'Arolla area on Sunday when the high winds and treacherous weather caught them by surprise.

A manager at a nearby rest-stop in the remote region called for help in the early hours Monday morning which prompted seven rescue helicopters to search for the skiers.


"Four people lost their lives, five others are in a critical state," the statement said.

Authorities believed that one of the four died from a fall, while the three others died in the hospital. The others among the 14 were suffering from "mild hypothermia," but their "lives are not in danger" according to police.


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