Garth Brooks Stops Singing When a Woman With Cancer Approaches the Stage with Sign

March 05, 2018

Back in November 2014, Teresa Shaw from Osage, Iowa made headlines when she attended one of Garth Brooks concerts. During Garth's performance of "The Dance," he noticed a woman holding a sign that said:


"Chemo this morning, Garth tonight, Enjoying 'The Dance.'"



While Teresa hoped, she didn't expect the legendary Garth Brooks to notice her. Thank goodness, he did! An usher brought Teresa to the front of the stage and Garth began singing "The Dance" to Teresa.



Garth approached the edge of the stage and sat down in front of Teresa singing the song just for her. It was like they were the only ones there. The moment was so beautiful.


As he reaches for her hand, he takes the sign and places it on the stage. He gracefully pulls the cords from his guitar and hands the guitar to her. Both Garth and Teresa were so overcome with emotion they began to cry.



Of course, the crowd goes wild when Garth stands up holding her sign after their emotional encounter.


“God just stuck his hand out and wrote 'I exist.'” he shouted to his fans, holding up his sign. "You have all my strength, you have everybody’s strength in here, and you will kick cancer’s a--!”


Check out the video below:



According to the Des Moines Register, Teresa has been fighting breast cancer since June 2014.


"I found my breast cancer on a self-exam. It didn't show up on a mammogram, and it was over two inches," Teresa said. Check out her story from back in 2014 below:



Then April 30, 2016, rolls around and she's at one of Garth's concerts. This time she had a different sign to hold:


"I kicked cancer's a--! Still enjoying the dance!"


Garth was able to notice Teresa again, and took her sign and showed it to the crowd saying:


"It was when I woke up the next morning that I realized what the power of social media could do," Brooks tells Shaw, and thousands of fans. "I can't tell you how many people around this planet were praying for you, and they picked a good one to pray for."



Even though Garth and his band played "The Dance" already, he decided to sing it again for Teresa. Garth's mother and sister passed away from cancer.


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