Watch: Gassy Passenger Forces Plane to Make Emergency Landing

February 19, 2018

Passing gas is a natural body physiological response. No one should feel ashamed when that happens. As a society, we have adapted to the thought that the sounds or smells of gas passing is socially unacceptable.


It's been taught that farting is disgusting. Interestingly enough, for newborn babies, parents encourage such acts. But when they get older we tell them to stop. Then when they reach ages 65 or so, it's acceptable again?


So from age 6 to age 64, we need to lock it up, or maybe stepping outside sounds more reasonable. Anyway, since nothing is likely going to change, unless we decide to do a "Fart Movement," let's continue, or start for some, the proper fart etiquette, or how others like to call it, "Fartiquette."


According to the New York Post, a pilot had to make an emergency landing after a passenger who allegedly "refused" to stop passing gas.


There were two men sitting next to a gassy passenger traveling from Dubai to Amsterdam Schiphol. They reportedly asked the man to stop, but he refused and continued to break wind.


When the two men complained to the budget airline, Transavia Airlines, they were supposedly less than sympathetic and refused to help. As the flatulent man continued to cut the cheese, the two other passengers had enough of it, and a fight broke out on the plane. The pilot had to make an emergency landing to the Vienna airport.


Once the plane landed, several police officers boarded and removed two women, who are sisters, and two men whom the pilot stated were the "passengers on the rampage," according to Metro.


The two sisters that were removed are now taking the airline to court because they claimed that they were not involved in the altercation. Nora Lacchab, who is a 25-year-old law student, explained that the whole ordeal was very "humiliating."


“We had no idea who these boys were, we just had the bad luck to be in the same row, and we didn’t do anything," Lacchab explained to De Telegraph. "All I will say is that the crew were really provocative and stirred things up.”


The two sisters are of Dutch and Moroccan descent and were returning to Amsterdam after they spent a week in Dubai.


Lacchab continues to say, "‘We had nothing to do with the whole disturbance. We distance ourselves from that. Do they sometimes think that all Moroccans cause problems? That’s why we do not let it sit."


All four passengers were released from police custody without being charged but were banned from Transavia Airlines. The airlines say that the two women were involved in the fight.


“Our crew must ensure a safe flight," the airline said in a statement. "When passengers pose risks, they immediately intervene. Our people are trained for that. They know very well where the boundaries are. Transavia is therefore square behind the cabin crew and the pilots."


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