Shocking Video Shows Giant Fish Eating a Seagull For a Quick Snack

March 12, 2018

Pretty much everyone has heard of the Biblical story of Jonah. If not here’s a quick refresher.


Jonah was a prophet and was requested by God to send a message of repentance to the infamously dangerous city of Nineveh. Instead of heading to Nineveh, Jonah headed off in the opposite direction across the Mediterranean.




When a storm threatened to sink his ship, Jonah was thrown overboard and eaten by a giant fish. After he was spat out and washed ashore, Jonah finally traveled to Nineveh.



With that in mind, we come to the account of Jonah the seagull. Who knows what this bird’s story is. Was it supposed to be teaching a message of repentance to the aggressive pelicans but got sidetracked by some tasty fish? We’ll never know.


Watch the video below to see Jonah’s fate. Skip ahead to about 1:35 for the real action.


As you can see in the video. Some fishermen were throwing small fish at a big tuna fish swimming by the dock. A greedy seagull thought he could grab a quick and easy snack, but didn’t see the giant fish swimming just below the surface.


With a quick bite, the fish ate the seagull whole. Luckily for the seagull, after a few seconds with a mouthful of bird, the fish had enough and spat it back out. Amazingly, the bird was still alive and took flight after a few moments of regaining its senses.



Have you ever seen anything like this before? Maybe this is proof that you can indeed survive a stint in the belly of a giant fish!


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