Giant Rubber Ducky Captured After Week-Long Escape at Sea

March 21, 2018

Giant Rubber ducks have appeared in major cities across the world ever since they first appeared in 2014.


Their instantly recognizable shape made them popular art “sculptures” wherever they went. They have appeared in 28 cities, including the US cities of Pittsburgh, Norfolk, Los Angeles, and Buffalo.



The largest of these inflatable creatures was the duck in Los Angeles. It measured 108x59x85 feet. Despite their light and airy appearance, the inflatable ducks are actually quite heavy and can often weigh over one ton.




The duck in this story made its home in Perth, Australia and was the mascot for the Cockburn Masters Swimming Club. It was given the nickname “Daphne” and set the club back nearly $1,000.



The club used the duck as a way to promote and celebrate their 22nd anniversary as well as their jetty to jetty swim meet.


After a wind storm passed through the area last week, Daphne broke free from her restraints and headed out to sea.


When nearly a week had passed and still no sight of Daphne, everyone feared the worst. Club president Peter Marr even took to Facebook to try to track her down.


Luckily, a local fisherman fishing 20 miles out to sea spotted the giant rubber duck and returned it to shore.



The club was very grateful and relieved to see their duck returned and hope to use her again for next year’s race. This time they will make sure she is tied up much more securely.  


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