Missing: 10-Year-Old Girl Vanished Has Been Found 9 Years Later; Family ‘Devastated’ After Details Released

May 10, 2018

On June 26, 2009, a 10-year-old Washington girl was walking home one night from a friend's house, but she never made it home, according to reports



A couple of years prior, Lindsey Baum, her mother, and her brother had moved to a rural part of McCleary, Washington. That night in June changed things forever.


When Lindsey arrived at her friend's house, the friend's mother said no to the sleepover. Lindsey ended up walking home alone that night but vanished and never returned to her mother and brother.



Nine years later, there has been an update. The Grays Harbor County Sheriff, Rick Scott, said in a news conference that they had found something but it was "devastating" news. They had found the remains of her body.


“The prayers and hopes of the family were that we would some day find her alive and bring her home. Now, the reality is we need to find a homicide suspect,” Scott told reporters.



When asked about the family's reaction, Scott said, "They were understandably devastated. They had prayed that we would find her alive and bring her home. That was not the outcome that the family wanted to hear.”


Back in September 2017, a hunter had originally and "unknowingly" found the remains of Lindsey's body. The reason it took so long to determine it was hers was because the remains were randomly found and did not appear to be connected to any open investigations.


At this time there have been no details released as to if the police department has a suspect in mind. However, Scott said that the next step would be a forensic examination around the area she was found.

Scott did not go into details as to what the cause of death was or the motive of the possible suspect.


“There’s someone out there that knows who did this and how this happened and there’s people out there that have information that would be the nugget that we need to explode this investigation and culminate in an arrest,” Scott said. “We need those people to have the courage to come forward.”


Anyone with information is asked to contact the investigators at 360-964-1799 or baumtips@co.grays-harbor.wa.us.


Will you join us in praying for the family?


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