Video: Girl’s Hilarious Reaction to Carnival Slingshot Ride Goes Viral

March 19, 2018

One popular ride seen at carnivals across the nation is that slingshot ride that always looks like it could be a one-way ticket to heaven.


After all, it is just a gigantic slingshot that you sit inside of. All it takes is one unfortunate failure and you’ll get a world-class bird’s eye view right before a once-in-a-lifetime worm’s eye view.





For the thrill seekers, it is quite the rush. For others, it could be the worst experience you can possibly have.


This can clearly be seen in a video posted to Twitter last week of two college-age girls and their experience on one such ride in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It went viral soon after it was posted and made it onto Twitter’s “Moments” main page.


One of the girls, Megan Connolly, must have gotten on the ride as a dare, based on her reaction. Her friend, Dallas Dorosy, on the other hand, was very supportive of Megan’s terror. And by very supportive I mean she laughed hysterically the entire duration of the ride.



Watch the hilarious video below! (Make sure your speakers are NOT turned up…)


According to Megan, you can see the moment her soul left her body.


Why is it that we often can find someone’s screams of terror to be so hilarious? We must have some sort of twisted sense of humor!



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