Glass Walkway Nearly 4,000 Feet Above the Ground Starts to Crack, but It Is All a Prank

October 11, 2017

What would you do if the glass walkway you were walking on began to crack under your feet? Panic? Scramble for the railing? Ask yourself why you were walking on a glass walkway in the first place?

Well, the poor souls who venture out onto this glass walkway suspended about 3,900 feet above the valley floor get to answer that very question. But luckily for them, it is all a prank, and the “broken glass” is actually a transparent LCD screen that simulates shattered glass.

The walkway feature in this video is in the Taihang Mountains in China. These steep mountains have an average elevation of 4,900 to 6,600 feet with the tallest peak being just under 9,500 feet tall.

A “breaking glass” prank walkway would probably never fly here in the US as our lawsuit-greedy culture would try to sue the pants off of whoever is responsible.

Take a look at this terrifying walkway in the video below! Could you ever walk on this glass?

This isn’t the only terrifying path you can take in the Taihang Mountains. There are these steps embedded into the side of the canyon walls...

...As well as this spiraling staircase-tower up the side of a cliff face.

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