Legendary Country Singer's Kids Are Fighting Over $50 Million Estate — Three Children Are Cut Out

July 06, 2018

The estate of late country music singer, Glen Campbell, has been "paralyzed." Three out of eight children were left out of his will leading to a massive feud.


Campbell battled a six-year fight with Alzheimer's and passed away in August 8, 2017. He was 81 years old. He rose to fame with his country music hits, "Wichita Lineman," and "Rhinestone Cowboy."

It's been almost a year since Campbell's passing but the family feud has still continued over the $50 million estate, however, as of today, it is now worth a mere $410,000.


Last Tuesday, Campbell's publicist, Stanley Schneider, requested from the judge for additional administrative powers over Campbell's estate. In February, Schneider said that his responsibilities have been "paralyzed" by the court's limitations, according to reports


In his request to the judge, he is asking to hire experts to estimate the future value from Campbell's music and to hire accountants to assist financially. In addition, the reason for his request for more authority is because Schnieder is worried he won't be able to meet a November 8 deadline for filing the inventory of the estate.

The three children that were not included in the will are from his second marriage to Billie Jean Nunley. Their marriage ended in 1976. 56-year-old Kelli, 51-year-old Travis, and 48-year-old Kane will not benefit from Campbell's estate.


The country legend has five more children from three other wives that will benefit from his estate. His oldest daughter Debby Campbell-Cloyd, 61, who he had with his first wife Diane Kirk, 37-year-old Dillon, who he had with his third wife Sarah Barg, and three children with his fourth wife Kimberly Woollen, Cal, 34, Shannon, 32, and Ashley, 30.


His fourth wife, Kimberly, stayed with Campbell until he passed and was named the executor of his will. At this time, there are no explanations as to why the three children from his second marriage were left out of his will.

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