God Tells Mom to do Specific Task for Homeless Man — Thankfully She Listens

November 28, 2017

A woman from New Castle, Indiana had an incredible experience when God whispered in her heart. He told her something unbelievable about the homeless man sitting in front of her.


Tammy Lyons Wilkinson shared an emotional video about her experience with a homeless man on Facebook. God told her to do something very specific which prompted her to briefly question Him.


As she was approaching her local grocery store, she noticed a homeless man sitting out front, bundled up trying to stay warm. She didn't say anything to man initially and headed inside. But as she walked through the second set of doors, she heard a voice. The "voice of Jesus." He told her the man loved bananas.


Since it was cold, she thought it would be best to fill up his stomach with warm, fried chicken, but God had other plans for Tammy. Her job was to get bananas. After she purchased those bananas and a few toiletry items, the story takes an unbelievable twist. Check it out below!

When she gets back to her car she was full of joyous tears and felt moved to share her incredible story. If you aren't a person of faith, you can still appreciate Tammy's kindness and compassion to a complete stranger. Please share if you enjoyed Tammy's story!

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