Google Puts Street View in International Space Station

July 21, 2017

Google’s ever popular Street View takes you to places you’ve never been and gives you a first-person perspective of your surroundings. Street View has gone to exotic places before, including underwater, but their latest venture is out of this world. Literally.

With the help of European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet, Google was able to take their Street View into the International Space Station, giving those of us here on Earth a first-person view of the zero gravity environment of the ISS.

Launching their actual Street View photography equipment into orbit would have proven to be expensive and difficult, so the people at Google and the astronauts in the ISS had to improvise.

Using existing camera equipment that was already aboard the ISS, Pesquet was able to send images down to a team of people with Google Maps. The Google Maps crew then pieced together the images to give you the 360 degree Street View experience we all know and love.

The Cupola Observational Module, for example, offers a breathtaking view of earth from orbit. Take a look for yourself here or watch this video for a look behind the scenes.