Startling Video Shows Gorilla Walking Around Like a Human–Find out Why He Does This

March 20, 2018

On March 5th, the Philadelphia Zoo tweeted out a short video of their silverback gorilla Louis walking around on his two feet like a person instead of the usual gorilla crawl on all fours.


18-year-old Louis is about six feet tall and weighs 470 pounds, and while he might seem like an intimidating beast, he is actually quite the germophobe.




Despite his impressive size, Louis rather shy hates getting his hands dirty. He uses leaves or paper bags to wipe dirt off his hands and feet. The zoo even tied a firehose over a mud puddle so he could tightrope across it and not get dirty.


Louis prefers to walk around on his feet like a human so that he doesn’t get his hands dirty.


“In the video, he has his hands full of tomatoes, which is one of his favorite treats, and I think he just doesn’t want to crush them by knuckle-walking, so he stands up and walks,” said Philadelphia Zoo curator Michael Stern.


“He’ll also do it more if the yard is muddy,” he continued. “For whatever reason, he doesn't like the feel of mud on his hands and he just likes to stand up and walk sometimes.”


“Gorillas will occasionally stand up for a few seconds or walk a couple of steps, but what we see Louis doing is really walking clear across the yard, and that’s quite special,” said Stern.


“For apes, it’s usually more efficient to walk on all fours. However, there is individual variation. I would guess that for Louis, it’s not very difficult at all. I think it comes quite naturally to him,” Stern concluded.


The video of Louis walking went viral on Twitter and many chimed in to add their thoughts.


I, for one, support Louis’ desire for cleanliness.




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