Grade School Math Question Adults Can't Solve — Can You Be One of the Few?

February 21, 2018

Recently, "Reader's Digest" found a math problem that "People's Daily,China" posted on Twitter and it has everyone scratching their heads.

Each image within the picture represents a number. Simple, right? Most of the time when these come across the web, they are easy. But not this one. This one has two small twists.

"People's Daily,China" was nice enough to give out the answer right away, but if you didn't get the number 16, then you did something wrong. Let's begin!



If you are having a difficult time getting the number 16, then let us help break it down for you. The first tip is to make sure you notice the differences in each image. There are few key details that are crucial that you must take note of in order to solve the problem.


Still scratching your head? Here's the breakdown. For an easy explanation, we will call shoes, S, the cat, C, and the whistle, W.


The first line you probably got correct. S+S+S=30. 30 divided by 3 is 10. One pair of shoes equals 10.


The second equation lets sub out the S for 10. 10+C+C=20. Basic math calls to subtract the 10 from both sides. C+C=10. Each cat will represent the number 5.


Now for the third equation. Be aware that for the whistles, there are two in one image. In the final equation, there is only one. Let's begin: C+2W+2W=13. 5+2W+2W=13. Subtract the 5 from both sides: 4W=8. To get what each whistle represents, it would be the number 2.


Final equation. You can do this! Make note of the image of the cat. He does not have a whistle, so we will need to account for that as we solve the problem. Also, there is one whistle and a multiplication sign.


S+(C-W)xW=? Plug in the numbers.


10+(5-2)x2. Remember your order of operations. 10+(3)x2. Then, 10+6, which equals 16! Easy, right? Maybe not. Anyway, share this with your family and friends and see if they can solve the problem!


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