Deaf and Deformed Great Dane Puppy Abandoned, Left to Die by Greedy Breeder

March 26, 2018

Lumen the Great Dane was only four weeks old when her breeder abandoned her to die in Tijuana, Mexico.


The breeder didn’t wish to care for her anymore because she wasn’t going to make them any money since she was born deaf and her congenital abnormalities meant that walking was difficult.





Lumen’s toes are essentially fused together and unable to spread apart making it difficult for them to bear any weight.


Luckily for her, she was rescued and taken to Luvable Dog Rescue in Eugene, Oregon. While some thought that it would be best if she was euthanized, her rescuers never considered it to be an option.



Once she was in Oregon, Lumen had surgery on her paws to help her feet manage her weight as she grows older. Once she is fully grown, she will need customized prosthetics to complete her recovery.


The Oregon State University Small Animal Teaching Hospital has been helping her vets put together a plan for her future surgeries to make sure she gets a full recovery and can live a high-quality life.


Lumen even has a donation page HERE to help fund her recovery efforts.


Watch Lumen’s story in this video below!



She even has an Instagram page that has been keeping track of her progress!







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