Great Ways to Bless College Students in Your Life

September 06, 2017

By the end of the first month in college, the novelty has worn off for many new college students. They’ve started to realize how stressful college can be and that their lives are entirely different. This is often when homesickness starts to kick in.

This is when it’s important to reach out and make sure they know that you’re still there to support them. Check out these easy ways to bless the college students in your life.

It doesn’t even have to be too exciting. Find a funny letter that reminds you of them or a leftover Christmas card that might make them smile (college kids these days tend to really like ironic things like that). Many college students rarely get any mail at all, so just letting them know that you’re thinking of them can mean a lot.

This one might seem a little strange, but many dorms don’t even have ovens you can use. Make a batch of their favorite cookie and ship them (as long as it won’t take too long). Just make sure they’re sealed and packaged well enough to stay together. This can be a great reminder of home that they can share with their new friends!

Instead of just sending a box of cookies, throw a couple of extra things in the box, too. Maybe include a gift card for groceries or some candy. If you know they’re getting sick, send some tea and honey.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or nice, but it’s always nice to know you’re being thought of. If you see a little $5 gadget on Amazon that they would like, send it to them! Surprise packages are even better than the ones you order yourself. These mugs that say “Call your mother” will probably make them laugh  (and it will remind them at the same time!).

Is there any way you’ve found to bless your college student? Let us know on Facebook or use the hashtag #InspiringDay.

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