Group of Girls Planned Stabbing Rampage At School, Police Say

October 25, 2018

There has been some terrible news that has come in recently. A group of girls were planning on carrying out a horrific crime during school hours at their middle school.

On Tuesday, October 23, police in Florida say that a teacher told the principal after hearing about a stabbing spree plan from a student. The principal at Bartow Middle School then notified authorities.

Police say that two female students, ages 11 and 12, were planning on carrying out the attack, but fortunately, an authority figure arrived in the nick of time, according to "Fox5."

The two students were reportedly found hiding inside a bathroom in the school just before they carried out the attack. The assistant principal went searching for the girls after one of them was reported missing from their classroom.

The assistant principal brought the two girls to the principal's office just before the campus officers arrived. The officers discovered the girls had armed themselves with multiple kinds of knives. They found pairing and butcher knives, and a pizza cutter. They said that they planned to attack other students during the school day.

The girls admitted that they were Satan worshipers and had told the police that they planned on killing as many students as they could, according to local news channel, "Fox5."

Police say the girls admitted that they were waiting for smaller children to come into the bathroom so that they could overpower them more easily. The girls were taken into custody and a further investigation will be conducted into the girls' home life. When they arrived at the home, they discovered a map of Bartow Middle School with the words, "Go to kill in bathroom" written on it. 

During the investigation, police obtained their cell phones and in one of the messages, one girl said, "We will leave body parts at the entrance and then we will kill ourselves." In the interview, one of the girls told police that they had planned on killing 15 people.

The girls were charged with conspiracy to commit murder and possession of a weapon on school property, among many other charges.

"This is horrific and if I had children in school I'd be scared half to death," Bartow Police Chief Joe Hall. "But remember, a student heard something, the student told a teacher, the teacher immediately reported that, which implemented our safety plan in this school district, which resulted in us apprehending both of these students before a single student was injured. The plan did work."

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