Package Thief Gets Surprise Of His Life When Homeowner Confronts Him On Front Porch - And He Can't Get Out Of There Fast Enough

December 04, 2018

When a brazen thief decides to pilfer packages from a front porch, he gets a lot more than he bargains for thanks to modern technology and the doggedness of one fed-up citizen!!

In the video we see a young man in jeans and sneakers walking up to a house in a quiet residential neighborhood - in broad daylight, no less!

He thinks he's hit the jackpot when he realizes the number of boxes lying there.

In fact, there are too many to take in one trip so he confidently grabs a couple of them and jogs back to his car.

As he returns for the remaining booty, he is dismayed to realize that there is someone watching him from the front door. Oops!!  Now what? Thinking fast, he's forced to make a change to his game plan.

He rings the doorbell and, when the gigantic homeowner opens the door, he pretends to be lost and asks for directions to somewhere or information about something we can't quite hear.

Not buying any of it, the hulking figure of a man quickly exits his house and starts walking menacingly toward the now-scared crook.

Realizing that he miscalculated the situation, the young thief makes a mad dash for his car - with the irate victim close behind!

The next few things happen off camera, but we can hear a couple of "thuds" and the car squealing away. As the homeowner walks back into frame, we see that he has both of his stolen packages in his arms.

Then, he strolls nonchalantly back to his domicile and I'm pretty sure I can see a satisfied smile on his face!!

In the voiceover, the man tells us that he was able to get the license plate of the retreating vehicle and reported the crime to the police.

Undoubtedly, with the license plate number and the very clear video from his security camera, the authorities will have no trouble finding and arresting the perpetrator of this brazen act.

If you would like to see the entire surveillance video, just click, below.

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