Hacks to De-Stress Your Thanksgiving Day

November 20, 2017

Thanksgiving Day can be stressful, there’s no way around it. Family invades your space, you run out of refrigerator space, you have to deal with a turkey—it’s not easy. Luckily there are tons of hacks that you can use to make Thanksgiving a little bit easier.

Check out these hacks to help you de-stress your holiday.

1. Bake ahead

There’s a lot of food to make on Thanksgiving Day. Turkey, sides, appetizers, pies, potatoes. You really can’t make it all at the same time. You can make some parts of the meal even six days ahead of time, leaving you plenty of time to make your turkey the day-of. Another option is that you can prep meals the day before so they’re easy to put together that day.

2. Set your tables the night before

Setting the table doesn’t take too much time, but it can be an added stressor if you wait too long to do it. If you set your tables the day before, you have plenty of time to fill in any gaps with decorations or wash any dishes that you need.

3. Make Thanksgiving potluck-style

Instead of making every single dish for your entire extended family or group of friends, try having people bring dishes. Make sure you have a plan for what needs to be baked, though.

4. Set up a mini-fridge

If you’re having a get-together, chances are you’ll run out of refrigerator space. A great way of overcoming this is by setting up a mini fridge or an ice chest for some smaller items. You can empty out your condiment drawer and grab some of those pickle jars that clutter up the shelves.

5. Buy a tiered oven rack

Right before dinner, you usually have to pop all the dishes into the oven to keep them hot. That can be difficult, though, because the turkey takes up so much space. These tiered oven racks are cheap and can help you pack more into your oven to make everything a little easier for Thanksgiving.

6. Use your crock-pot

Everyone loves their slow-cookers, but they often get forgotten when it comes to holidays. Crock pots are a great way of keeping foods warm without having to use the oven. If you find yourself short on space, but break out your trusty slow-cooker and you should be set!

7. Plan some games

Yes, everyone goes around the table and shares what they’re thankful for, but there are plenty of other things you can do during dinner. Stick one of these Table Topics cards under everyone's plate to start some interesting conversations.

These hacks can help you de-stress a little bit, but of course, there will probably always be something that goes wrong. If the meal goes wrong, you still have plenty of family to spend time with. If the family goes wrong, you still have plenty of food to eat.

In other news, there are tons of stores that have committed to staying closed on Thanksgiving Day. Check out the list here.

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