Shots Fired: Armed Gunman Killed at Panera Restaurant Near Popular Ivy League School

March 20, 2018

Today there was an armed gunman who was shot and killed in a Panera Bread across the street from Princeton University.   

Here is a timeline of the incident:

11:30 am EST:

There is an armed gunman near the Panera restaurant on Nassau Street in Princeton, NJ across the street from Princeton University. The Municipality of Princeton currently have the building surrounded. 

All buildings surrounding the area have been evacuated, including two Princeton University buildings—the Henry House and the Scheide Caldwell House. Police are urging everyone to stay clear of the area.

There is no evidence yet whether the gunman’s motives have anything to do with the university. It is Spring Break now for Princeton University, so nobody has class.

Here is footage from the area:

12:25 pm EST:

Police currently have the building surrounded and are in negotiations with the gunman.

3:30 pm EST:

No new news to report. The police still have the building surrounded and are under negotiations with the gunman.

Here is new footage:

5:00 pm EST—Shots Fired:

The armed gunman has been shot and killed after a standoff with police in the Panera Bread near Princeton University. "'The incident is being investigated by the New Jersey Attorney General’s office as a possible police-involved shooting,' the official said."

This concludes this article's updates.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the people experiencing this tragedy. Please keep them in your prayers.

In other news, there is a school on lockdown due to a shooting report that is need of prayer. Learn more about how you can pray here.

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