Happiest Shelter Dog Loses Tail From Too Much Wagging, Finally Gets Adopted After 2 Year Wait

November 15, 2017

Buster, the Staffordshire bull terrier, earned the title the “happiest dog in Scotland” due to his abundant exuberance and extreme tail wagging. Buster would wag his tail so hard and so often that he would repeatedly injure it by smashing it into nearby objects wherever he went.

It got to the point that Buster needed his tail amputated to protect himself and others from his out of control tail.

After two years at his shelter near Edinburgh, Scotland, Buster finally has a forever home. His new owner, Michelle Lennox, says that he is adjusting well to his new environment and has been “well-behaved from the start.”

“He can be a bit wary of some dogs, but he has made some friends in the neighborhood – he’s a bit of a ladies man,” Lennox said.

Buster loves to show off his tricks and looks forward to visits from the mailman every day.

His friendly behavior does not come at a surprise to the staff at his former shelter. “When Buster was with us he won over all the staff at the shelter with his boyish good looks, cheeky personality, and love of cuddles,” said manager Diane Aichison.

“After two years with us here at the center, it’s great that he finally found his forever home where he has unlimited bum scratching and a big sofa to snuggle up on,” she continued.

Chief superintendent of the shelter, Mike Flynn, says that Buster’s personality isn’t unusual for his breed. “Staffies are one of our most popular dog, and it’s clear to see why,” he said. “They are friendly, loyal, and affectionate dogs. They are real people dogs and thrive on human companionship.”

As for the extreme tail wagging, some dogs have “happy tail syndrome” where they get so excited that they cannot stop wagging their tails, no matter what they smash into or even hurt themselves.

Owners of “happy tail” dogs have stories of coming home to find that their dog has a cut on their tail but spent all day flinging blood around the house. This made the walls of their house looking like a cross between a Jackson Pollock painting and a murder scene.

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