Harry And Meghan Make Heartbreaking Announcement Due To Baby Sussex, Stunning Fans With Unexpected Turn Of Events

November 26, 2018

Ever since the fabulous news that the Duchess of Sussex is expecting her first child with hubby, Prince Harry of Britain, fans all over the world began thinking about what this new prince or princess will be like.

With no official due date having been announced, it is up to royal followers to speculate as to when the blessed event will occur. The current guess is anywhere between March and May 2019.

Regardless of the actual date, it’s no doubt the Duchess would be in her third trimester during the time in which the Royal couple had planned to visit the United States. Now, TMZ is reporting that American fans are in for a huge disappointment.

U.S. fans were looking forward to getting an up-close peek at the pregnant Duchess of Sussex as she visits her homeland, including Los Angeles where she grew up. But our of an abundance of caution, Harry and Meghan have made the difficult decision to cancel the Spring 2019 trip that everyone had so been looking forward to.


But don’t lose heart, Americans. The trip is not off the schedule for good. The couple has announced that they are simply postponing the journey until the Fall of 2019. And even though the U.S. will have to give up a look at Meghan in all her pregnant glory, we just MAY be lucky enough to be able to see the Royal Prince or Princess stepping on American soil with his/her parents.

After all, Baby Sussex will be only a few months old and it is unlikely that Meghan or Harry would agree to leave him or her home for an extended period of time so they can make the trip. And the little prince or princess will be much too young to endure the rigors of overseas travel.


Keep in mind that the Duke and Duchess have just completed a 16-day excursion to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Tonga - where they charmed folks wherever they went. Reports of Meghan experiencing excessive fatigue during their appearances had resulted in her bowing out of some of her and Harry’s engagements.

Although we are disappointed, we are glad that the couple is already making sensible decisions on behalf of their rapidly growing child. We can wait, and when they do finally get here, it will be glorious!!

To learn more, watch the video, below.

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