Prince Harry So Excited About Baby Sussex’ Arrival, He May Have Just Accidentally Spilled The Beans About Something We've Been Dying To Know

December 06, 2018

Now that the big news is out, Duchess Meghan can breathe a sigh relief. It’s obvious she has had to hide her pregnancy for what some say is at least four months. And now, no one will fault her for taking a day off here and there to rest. And all of us who have been expecting a baby, understand just how oppressive the fatigue can be.

So when hubby, Prince Harry stepped out on his own to attend an afternoon Invictus Games cycling event, one fan was able to attract the Duke of Sussex’ attention briefly, as he hurried past her to catch up with the action.

“I hope it’s a girl!” She shouted. To which the Prince turned and made a surprisingly revealing response. “So do I!” He cheerfully exclaimed. Whoa!! Harry! WHAT have you done??

Some sources have indicated that Meghan may be up to five months pregnant, which would mean that she has already had an ultrasound that would reveal if they are having a boy or a girl. So, naturally, Harry would possess that information, right?? If he DOES know for sure, then it is likely that he let slip the important detail.

Lending a little credence to the notion that the newlyweds already know the sex of their offspring, one Twitter user points to Meghan’s age as a HUGE clue that they DO know:

“When I was pregnant at 35, I found out my baby gender at 10 weeks.. they perform more testing when pregnant in 30’s.. so they prob know!:”

After all, if he KNEW they were having a boy, why on earth would he risk hurting Meghan’s feelings by publicly declaring his hope for a girl? Or risk the footage appearing when their child is older, and crushing his little spirit?

Something to think about, no??

To see the viral footage in which Prince Harry lets the cat out of the bag, watch the video, below.

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