He Asked Her to Turn Down Her Promotion—He Never Expected Her Reaction

January 03, 2018

Airports are a strange place. It’s not very common for the airport to be the actual destination—everyone is just waiting (not very patiently) to get to their desired destination.


Because of this, airports are boring. So boring. You can only glance through magazine racks so many times—and when your airplane has been delayed three times already, you don’t even know when you’ll get where you’re going.


One woman was recently sitting in an airport—as bored as many people are while they’re waiting for their flight. She spent her time listening in to the conversations of those around her. Most of the conversations were perfectly boring, but one caught her attention, so she decided to document it on Twitter.



Apparently, there was a couple near her that were arguing over money. That’s a pretty normal phenomenon, but it wasn’t a normal argument about money. It was an argument about how much money she makes.


Apparently, the woman was recently offered a promotion. If she took the promotion, she would be making more money than her significant other. According to him, this would not be acceptable.


According to the tweet, the man said that he would be humiliated if she made more money than him. The poster wrote, “He just told her if she loved him she’d turn down the promotion.”




The woman, of course, said that she would never want to jeopardize their relationship. The poster wrote, “He’s like ‘good then turn down the job.’”




It was then taken a step further. “He just told her once they’re married and have kids she wouldn’t be working anyway so there’s no point focusing on her career.”




Apparently, the idea of kids was news to the woman. The poster wrote, “SHE WIPED HER TEARS & SAID ‘kids? Who said anything about me ever wanting kids?!’”



At that point, the woman had had enough. The poster wrote that she threw her boarding pass at the man and told him to have fun in Cancun. People who were listening in on the conversation even clapped as she walked away.




The poster had a little bit more to say to the woman. While the poster felt bad that she had to go through this, she encouraged the woman: “I hope that, one day, you look back on this as a defining moment in your life. Never settle. Follow your heart.”




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