At 5, Doctors Said He Would Die Within Months—2 Years Later He Needs Help Celebrating His Last Christmas

November 21, 2017

When Brantley Dobbs was 5-years-old, he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. His family was told that he would probably only live for a few more months.

Miraculously, Brantley has survived for much longer than a few months. It has been almost two years since his diagnosis. Brantley’s family is doing everything they can to make this Christmas incredible for him.

To help him make his dreams come true, Brantley’s family decorated for Christmas the day after Halloween. According to his father, Brandon, “Christmas literally blew up in our house the day after Halloween.”

In an attempt to make this Christmas as incredible as possible for Brantley, a family friend put out a request on Facebook. She asked anyone and everyone to send Christmas ornaments to Brantley so he could celebrate.

The Facebook group dedicated to getting Brantley Christmas decorations now has almost 6,000 members. Brantley has received ornaments, decorations, and gifts from around the world.

According to his mother, “It’s amazing. He’s smiling, laughing—we haven’t seen that a lot.” He is currently in hospice care and is too weak to move from his bed to the living room, but he is still surrounded by ornaments.

You can learn more about Brantley’s journey on his Facebook group. You can also send him Christmas decorations to help him celebrate Christmas in style.

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