Her Hair Was a Matted Mess From Months of Depression—She Finally Got Help

December 22, 2017

Depression can impact a person’s body in many different ways. One way is by losing motivation entirely. One hairstylist recently found out how this can impact a person’s hair, too.


A woman walked into a hair salon and store. She wanted to buy every “All Soft” product by Redken. An employee noticed this and started up a conversation with the customer.

Kate, the employee at the store, soon found out that the woman had depression. She hadn’t been able to leave her bed for months. As a result, her hair had become a matted knot. The customer wasn’t sure how to fix it, so she was trying to find products that would soften it in the hopes that she could fix it.


Kate knew that the product could only do so much for the customer’s hair: “If I would have let her walk away with all of those products that she spent hundreds of dollars on, she would have gotten nowhere—which she would have possibly viewed as another failure.”

Kate offered to do her hair and made an appointment for the next day. The customer didn’t show up, though. The customer called and booked another appointment. Once again, though, she didn’t show up.


A month later, the woman came back into the salon and asked Kate if she could help. Kate shared, “When she walked in that day, I had such a feeling of relief. That she still had the drive to feel like herself again.”


Kate worked with the customer for over eight hours. She brushed, cut, and colored the customer’s hair, working out those months of matted hair.

“By the end of this service, I could see the sparkle in her eyes,” said Kate. “I wanted her to know that there is someone that is here to help her. No matter the circumstances.”


Kate’s work was so important. She helped the customer feel better about herself and feel encouraged. You never know when someone might show up in your life who might just need a kind word and a little help.


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