Her Viral Post Shares Exactly What True Love Looks Like

November 01, 2017

Have you ever been in the checkout line and suddenly absolute panic comes over you: “Where is my wallet?” Or maybe you have your wallet, but you open it up to an absolutely empty card slot where your credit card should be.

You panic, you’re embarrassed, you apologize, and then you have to hustle to figure out a way to pay for your purchase. It’s rough, yes, but it happens to the best of us.

One woman recently had this experience. Amy Midtvedt is one of the bloggers at “Hiding in the Closet With Coffee.” She has five kids and loves the chaos that comes along with that.

Amy went to the grocery store to stock up on food supplies. When she came to the checkout line with a full cart, she discovered that she had forgotten her wallet. She knew she had two options—go home with nothing or call her husband.

So, of course, she called her husband, begging him to leave work and bring her money. And that’s exactly what he did.

As her husband was waking in the door of the grocery store, Amy snapped a picture of him. She shared the photo on Facebook. She added, “Not sure you can tell, but he’s smiling at me. Yep...he had to leave work and he is smiling. His only words of admonishment were, ‘You’re not supposed to be grocery shopping—I said I’d go this week.’”

She also shared more about what love looks like. Check out her Facebook post here.

Amy begins her post, sharing “This is what your knight in shining armor looks like when you are in your 40’s.” She needed something and he was more than willing to drop everything to help her out.

She finishes her post by sharing, “Choose the man who will carry your too heavy flowered backpack in public because he will also be the man who bails you out at Aldi’s when you’re 40 with a smile and a hug. And that my friends is true love.”

This is such a sweet story for Amy to share on her blog. Check out some of her other blog posts here.

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