Here are Some Great Gift Ideas for Your Female Friends

December 07, 2017

Buying for family is relatively easy. I mean, you pretty much know your family like the back of your hand. Sally likes music, Uncle Tim likes sports and your sister is into crocheting. Buying for friends, however, can be a little more difficult. This is especially true if you don’t see each other as often as you may have in the past. As adults, we sometimes drift away from our friends, but that doesn’t mean we ever forget them, or the memories we’ve shared.

Whether you want to rekindle an old friendship, or simply let a good friend know you’re thinking of them. Here are some great ideas for gifts that your friends are sure to enjoy.

A Gift Card

Everyone loves gift cards. They’re easy, versatile, and are easy to mail. This is especially good if you have friends that are far away. But how do you know which gift card to get? A universal one is best. Gift cards to major shopping places like Target, Walmart, or Amazon are great choices. With Amazon, you can even email an eGift card and they can redeem it to their account instantly.

A Spa Set

Everyone needs a little “me time” to relax and reflect on the year that’s passed. That’s where a Spa Set comes in. This Tropical Islands one has everything you need to feel as peaceful as a day by the beach. Get yours here.

A Mermaid Tail

You may never get a real mermaid tail, but you can still have something close. Now all your girlfriends can relive their days of pretending to be Ariel as a little girl, all while remaining cozy with a good book. This cool-looking tail is both a blanket and an accessory, making it perfect for those lazy Sunday afternoons. Every time they use it, they’ll think of you and smile.

Friendship Necklaces

You two may be miles apart, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a reminder of them every once in awhile. Now you can have them close to your heart with these friendship necklaces. You take one and send the other in a Christmas card. It’s a piece you will wear for years to come. 

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