Here is Why You Shouldn't Trust Photos You See Online

December 12, 2017

We all classify ourselves as skilled photographers nowadays, right? We have our smartphones with customizable filters and impressive apps that make our photos that much more excellent. Photography used to be an expensive hobby; but today, it's a very attainable one.

But how are photographers still employed if everyone and their grandmas have smartphones? Secret's out. Photographers stay ahead of the game by creating unforgettable moments, but it often requires a little bit of cheating. Check out some examples below. You may even be able to save some money by doing what these pros do.

1. Romantic? Think Again...

Need mist? Spit water out of your mouth!

2. Do What You Can With What You Have

You don't necessarily need to go hundreds of miles to find the right spot. Sometimes a deserted back alley works too.

3. They Had Me Fooled!

I've always wondered about this. Cars on wet sand never made sense until I saw this photo! Car companies had me fooled all this time!

4. Not So Death-Defying

Some people are risk takers and go to extreme measures to get that once in a lifetime photo. Some people just lie.

5. Never Believe a Fast Food Commercial Again!

This mouth-watering image of a piping-hot shrimp makes me hungry. But now I know it's all a sham. I'm beginning to have trust issues.

6. All You Need Is... A Colander

The perfect image can come from a Dollar Store colander. Another reason to be a fan of the Dollar Store!

7. Why Wear Pants?

I appreciate the lazy images where pants aren't required.

As a photographer, do any of these ideas inspire you? Can you find the sixth word in these images? Not many can!

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