Young Couple Rescues Elderly Dog in Desperate Need of a Home—You Too Can Help

February 21, 2018

It seems when you go to the pound everyone is looking for the perfect pup that will give them absolutely no troubles. Now, this isn’t always the case for everyone, but it has certainly become the norm. Very few these days purposely take in a pup with problems, or better yet, a dog with very few years left.

One couple from Moscow, Idaho, Holly and Tim Broenneke, are going against the grain, adopting dogs that need a home the most. They’re currently parents to three dogs: Lynch, Bo, and their newest edition, Winston.

In a recent interview with Inspiring Day, Holly told us how she found Winston when scrolling through her social media feed. A local pet adoption place posted a letter to their followers written as if it was from Winston himself.

One of the lines that got to me the most was the following, “I just don't really love living in a kennel environment, you know what I mean? I am a healthy, happy 14 years young heeler mix looking for a person to be all my own.

So sweet, right!? Here’s the full post that got Holly and Tim interested in taking the leap:

Winston, while he’s a cutie, has his share of health problems. Holly mentioned, “He has severe arthritis, takes pain management every day for his condition. He has a mass in his colon but luckily it doesn't bother him.”

That doesn’t stop Tim and Holly from loving him any less. They chose to love him, despite his age, health problems, or the fact they told him he probably only has two years to live.

In fact, Holly and Tim said cheerfully, “They say he has two years left. We hope to make them the happiest!”

Isn’t that the best response ever? We sure think so. Go Holly and Tim for making this pup’s last years his best. You rock!

Want to help this awesome couple pay for Winston's meds for life? We started a GoFundMe page just for them. You can find out how to help by clicking here

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