New HGTV Series "Boise Boys" is a Charming Addition to the HGTV Family and One You Won't Want to Miss!

April 26, 2018
Updated April 26 2018 5:27pm ET

Polar opposite best friends, Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell, have been granted a series with HGTV after their successful pilot show, "Boise Boys."

The pilot aired back in May and was a huge hit — there were so many people watching that it could fill the Treasure Valley twice. 1.28 million people were watching the show.

After the successful pilot, HGTV offered the duo a six-episode series, "Restoring Idaho," filming their adventures of restoring homes in their hometown of Boise, Idaho.

Clint, the contractor, and Luke, the designer, have their own business called "Timber + Love." While the two have entirely different ideas and personalities, they found a connection with real estate and have been working together for about three years.

When you watch, you will come to see Luke is a dreamer and has big ideas for the design, and the budget. As for Clint, he keeps the pair in line by focusing on the bottom line. They are a perfect match!

Luke's Adoption Story:

When Luke isn't restoring home, he's a father to six beautiful children, with four of them being adopted from China, and a wonderful husband to his wife, Miranda.

After Luke and Miranda had a boy and a girl of their own, they realized their family wasn't complete.

"I've always had a heart to adopt, but we didn't know exactly where we were going to adopt from," Miranda said.

Then they fell in love with a young boy in China.

"They thought he had spina bifida," Luke said. "He was born, wasn't able to walk. It's just so sad to see all these little kids in this huge complex basically."

After they brought Morris back home to Idaho, Morris kept asking about his friend in the orphanage, Jin Jahn.

"He kept saying 'mom and dad I want to go back and get my friend Jin Jahn, and I want him to come play with my toys,'" said Luke.

After continuous prayer, Luke and Miranda decided to travel back to the orphanage in China and adopt his friend, now named Tucker. While they were there, a sweet, little girl who had down syndrome caught Miranda's eye.

"They brought down Darla, and they said 'you should come back for her,'" Miranda said. "We came home with Tucker and we just started praying about it."

Not long after they just returned home, the couple flew back to China and adopted Darla. The amazing couple didn't stop there. They adopted another boy with down syndrome named Ezra.

"So we had Elias first, then we had Brighten, then we adopted Morris when she was two, then we adopted Tucker, and then we went back for these two, Ezra and Darla," Miranda said.

Luke used to be a traveling musician, but quickly his priorities changed. He wanted a family and a big one.

"I decided to buy a house and fix it up and sell it," Luke explained. "That was the primary financial reason we were able to get Morris, and then I just kept doing it."

When asked if the show might change them, Luke said, "Family is our priority, it always will be, if any of this stuff takes away from that I won't be doing it."

"I know my wife and I we hope to be a voice for adoption for special needs kids, we know we're not perfect but no one is," Luke said. "Our greatest joy for raising our kids is we want our kids to be loved and to love."

You can support and watch these two amazing guys with their new HGTV series, "Restoring Idaho." The first episode aired April 25, 2018. Share this story with your family and friends if you are excited about this show and are moved by Luke's story!

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