Hidden Image From 1880s Still Stumps People Today – Can You Solve It?

November 30, 2017

People have always been fascinated with puzzles. This puzzle is a hidden image illusion from the 1800s, and it still has people scratching their heads nearly 140 years later.

This image appears at first to be of a flock of geese on the shores of a lake, but little do they know that there is also a fox waiting to pounce in the image as well.

Take a look at the puzzling image and see if you can spot the hidden fox. Apparently, only one in eight people are able to find it.

This illustration was a part of a series of puzzle books for children in the late 19th century. Many of the drawings still stump both kids and adults to this day.

Did you find the fox without cheating? If you still can’t see it, here is the answer:

As a bonus, here is another illustration from the same series. This drawing appears to be of a bear, but hidden in the bear’s head is the face of a man.

The illustration is titled “Where Is My Master?” and has left many people wondering the same question.

For those of you who could not find the face, here is the answer:

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