High School Basketball Player Surprises Special Needs Student With Christmas Present

December 28, 2017

Christmas is the season of giving and special videos like this are just one reason for what makes this holiday so great.


“Oh my God, I can’t wait to see his face,” thought Charles Thompson Jr. on his way to school last week.


Thompson is a high school basketball player at Long Reach High School in Columbia, Maryland. This year, he made a new friend in gym class, a special needs student named Shanquis.


Shanquis and Thompson bonded over their love of professional wrestling, and as Christmas approached, Thompson thought of the perfect gift to give him.



At first, he thought of giving him some wrestling action figures, but then he decided on giving him a WWE championship belt.


Take a look at the viral video of the moment he gave his gift to Shanquis!




“They say he didn’t take it off all day,” said Thompson.


With nearly 7 million views, Thompson’s good deed definitely has not gone unnoticed. “Some people have reached out to me at Long Reach, saying: ‘You’re famous.’ I don’t really look at it as me being famous,” said Thompson. “It’s all about Shanquis.”



This isn’t Thompson’s first generous Christmas gift either. One year he spent half his allowance on Beanie Babies and passed them out at a local nursing home. Another year he bought sandwiches for a homeless shelter.


“This shouldn’t be seen as a big thing,” Thompson continued. “Whether Shanquis has a disability or not, we should care for each other. If others do things like this, then the world can truly become a better place.”


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