Hikers Catch Rare Glimpse of a Snow Tornado on Video

December 18, 2017

Tornadoes are a fairly common occurrence in the midwestern and southern United States. However, tornado season is from around March to June, making a snow tornado extremely unlikely.

Outdoorsman, Michal Nikon, was hiking with his fiance in Tatra National Park in Poland when he came across a rare sight, and no, it wasn’t Bigfoot.

“I was on a trip to the mountain hotel Murowaniec in the Tatra National Park, and halfway through the trail, the weather broke down and began to blow a strong wind rising from the top of the mountains,” said Nikon. “I started to record it, and then I noticed the snownado.”

Take a look at his impressive capture in the video below!


This technically might be more of a dust devil-like “snow devil” than an actual tornado, but it still is quite the sight to behold.

A real “snow tornado” might even be impossible to form in the first place. Tornados form as warm air meets cool air when a warm and cold front collide. Since both cold and warm fronts can often meet in the spring, spring is usually known as tornado season.

In the winter, it is much more difficult to come across a warm front strong enough to form a tornado since most warm fronts are just “less cold” fronts.

For a “snow tornado” to form, there would have to be snow already on the ground that hasn’t been melted by the warm front.

It is possible for it to snow after a tornado, as the following cold front could dump snow if it is cold enough. That would mean that this tornado would need to happen early in the spring to get temperatures low enough for it to snow.

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