Hilarious Bible Comics That Will Bring You to Your Knees

March 21, 2018

While Sunday services are usually pretty mundane, a pastor may decide to spice things up a bit with some modern Bible humor. Many of us church attendees appreciate the sudden, sometimes random, jokes — they are usually well received.

We all know that the hour and a half long service can be stale at times, so when a pastor decides to crack a joke, we are all ears! We usually turn to our neighbor in agreeance of the humorous joke and straighten ourselves up eager for more. Sometimes the pastor delivers, sometimes the pastor is a one-hit-wonder.


Regardless if you have a comedian standing up on the stage every Sunday or not, all that matters is that you are there. As for the reason you are here, let's take a look at some of these hilarious Bible comics.


"What's falling from the sky, Joseph?" Mary asks.



Noah was so patient...



If Jesus tells me to eat a rock, I would.



"Our Son is God."



He'll be hungry!



"I haven't seen her!"



That's today's world, unfortunately.



Can you relate? Maybe with vegetables?


Be sure to stay tuned for the next Bible comics article! COMING SOON!


We sure do hope these brighten your day a little. Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below! In case those weren’t enough, check out some more Bible jokes here.


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